We just love Nyonya!

Nyonya Kuih, a popular dessert in South-east Asia, as known as Peranakan Cuisine.

In 2003, Hometaste started as a small handmade style Asian desserts supplies in Johor Bahru. From homemade to store, we make all of our products daily in-house with a focus on fresh, and quality ingredients. We love the tradition and the skill that goes into steaming, and the never-ending quest for higher standards.

Led by the husband-and-wife, both from the Hometaste family is dedicated to making pure and traditional Nyonya Kuih and desserts. For more than 10 years, our passion for crafting the delicious flavors and perfect textures using only the freshest ingredients. 


At Hometaste, we still keep true to artisan touch and tradition ways to makes alot of its produce by hand.

That's why we love how it looks, smells, and of course we love how it tastes!